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unsystematische eindruecke ueber das bild der frau in unterschiedlichen jahrhunderten, kulturen und perspektiven.



quelle: the family circle inc., 1974

fiel mir entgegen aus einem 2nd-hand buch,
naemlich nathaniel hawthorne, the scarlet letter


'sex & gender' in afrikanischen kulturen

gottheit mawu-lisa"[W]ithin the pantheon of deities of the Fon of Dahomey, Mawu-Lisa is the 'female-male, sky-goddess-god principle, sometimes called the first inseparable twins of the Creator of the Universe. (She/he) is also represented as the unity of west-east, night-day, moon-sun. More frequently, Mawu is regarded as the Creator of the Universe, and Lisa is called her first son, or her twin brother' ([Audre] Lorde 1978, 120). Thus, in West-African thought, there is no binary opposition between male and female, between difference and wholeness."

quelle: kraft, 40.



"Within this flexible system of gender roles women could gain wealth and power, social and political responsibility, cultural and religious esteem. They assumed traditional roles of men, even became 'male daughters' or 'female husbands' ([Ifi] Amadiume 1987, 27-33). This aspect may need further explanation, best provided perhaps by the example of the 'male daughter:' Given the patrilineal principle of heritage, a man without sons may determine that his (eldest) daughter be male. This male daughter, then, may marry other women, be it to insure the line of heritage through their sons, or be it to increase her wealth through the mere fact of possession. We are not concerned here with a political or moral judgement of polygamy; what is of interest here are definitions of gender that are not fixed, and thus subject to interpretation."

quelle: kraft, 42.


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